Mystical Forest - Selenite Moon Car Hanger

Mystical Forest - Selenite Moon Car Hanger

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This car hanger represents the beauty and purity of nature :)

Selenite is a mineral that would never carry bad energy! Selenite cleanses and clears the atmosphere by absorbing all negative energy! 

The Tree of Life represents our spirit. This one carries some crystals like Peridot, Amethyst, Garnet, and Carnelian!

This car hanger comes with a handmade braided cord to hang the crystal.

100% handcrafted

Crystal size: 3'' long and 2'' wide

Cord length: Around 18''

Cord color: Brown

Wire color: Copper

Please note that this product is not sterling silver or gold. The wire on the crystals are based on Copper. My recommendation is to keep it away from the water!