Abalone Shell Ring Heart Shape - Stainless Steel

Abalone Shell Ring Heart Shape - Stainless Steel

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These Abalone Shells rings are one of a kind! The heart shape makes it special along with its natural vibrant color. 

Abalone Shell usually grows in cold waters, such as off the coasts of New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Western North America, and Japan. Its rainbow colors are caused by the fine grating structure created by the thin and closely packed nacre layers! This makes Abalone iridescent. 

Abalone is a shell of protection and calmness. Works for both, the Yin and Yang. 

Wire material: Stainless Steel - Safe in water

Shell size: 10mm

Shell color: Abalone can have many different colors among the greens, blues, purples, and sometimes oranges! 

Please note that when you place your order, I will make a new ring for you according to the specifications you have chosen. Images are only an example of how they look. Abalone Shells grow in different colors and shapes.