Aquarius Bracelet
Aquarius Bracelet
Aquarius Bracelet

Aquarius Bracelet

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Birthstone : Amethyst

Aquarius season is between January 20th until February 18th

Aquarius are the humanitarians of the zodiac and are committed to making the wold a better place. You are easy going and make friends easily. You are unconventional and enjoy life 

Every Zodiac bracelet will come with a kraft paper with the name and description of the zodiac!

Size: This bracelet can be 6.5'' round or 7.5'' round. You can find the right size by measuring your wrist

Zodiac charm material: Alloy

*Gem beads in this bracelet will be fully round*

Please note that the products on the pictures are only an example of how they look. When you place your order, I will make a new bracelet for you according to the size that you have selected ♥