Crystal Trio Rings Style 2
Crystal Trio Rings Style 2
Crystal Trio Rings Style 2
Crystal Trio Rings Style 2

Crystal Trio Rings Style 2

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These rings can only be adjusted to smaller sizes only

Unique crystal trio rings that will pop among other rings! These rings can go from size 8.5 to smaller sizes only. Different gemstones with different energies! Choose the one that calls to you the most.

Amethyst: Awakening, mental and physical health, intuition.
Aventurine: Friendship, abundance, love, harmony.
Blue Lace Agate: Communication, stress relief, gentleness.
Carnelian: Self-confidence, courage, sexuality, creativity.
Jade: Abundance, plant connection, love.
Morganite: Healing, Feminine energy, Divine energy
Rose Quartz: Love, healing, forgiveness, harmony. 
Hematite: Balance, grounding, protection
Onyx: Protection, grounding, discipline, masculine energy
Moonstone: Healing, mystery, connection with the divine feminine energy
Tiger Eye: Focus, strength, willpower, manifestation
Wire material: Copper based and plated in the outside (tarnish resistant)
Bead size: 4mm

Please note that when you place your order, I will make a new ring for you according to the specifications you have chosen. Images are only an example of how they look.