Faceted Prehnite Ring

Faceted Prehnite Ring

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This faceted Prehnite ring boasts spiritual properties, including its ability to enhance intuition and provide a sense of calm and peace. With its unique faceted design, this ring not only looks stunning but also offers potential benefits for the mind, body, and spirit.

The material of the decoration bead is made of Stainless Steel

These rings are based on a 1mm beads and are very comfortable to wear since they are a little stretchy! Also since this product is a little stretchy, it might work also for middle sizes. For example, if you order a size 7, it might also fit as a 7.5. 

Please note that the products on the pictures are only an example of how they look. When you place your order, I will make a new ring for you according to the size that you have selected ♥