Fountain Design #3

Fountain Design #3

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This small electric water fountain, provides a calming and zen-like atmosphere to any space. With its effortless setup and soothing flow, it adds a touch of relaxation and tranquility to your environment. Perfect for small spaces, this fountain promotes a sense of peace and wellbeing!

This fountain is the perfect size to keep in your office, desktop, or even in your room! 

This fountain includes:

  • A submergible motor that can graduate the intensity of the water
  • A waterproof warm light 
  • A power cord that can be connected to the wall

Fountain Dimensions:

  • 8'' tall x 6.5'' wide


  • 1. If your fountain comes with a single light bulb, just place it in the smallest whole you will see in the outside of the fountain. If the light of your fountain is round with multiple bulbs, then gently pass the fountain's tube though the hole of the ring and place all the way up until it reaches the top.
  • 2. Connect the motor with your fountain's tube. Make sure it is all the way in. 
  • 3. Check the motor and look for the symbols ( + and - ) These indicate how intense you want the water coming out from the fountain. 
  • 4. Fill your fountain with water until it covers at least half of the motor.
  • 5. Plug it in
  • 6. Let the motor absorb the water first, this can take a few seconds. If you do not see water coming out yet, gently add more water little by little and keep waiting until you see some water coming out.
  • 7. When your fountain is running well. Place the glass ball in its place which is where the water comes out (if applicable)


  • If using daily, whenever you start seeing the water getting moldy, then it is time to clean it. You can clean it with soap and water. Do not forget to unplug everything first!  
  • If using daily, it might consume more water, so you might have to add more water every day to keep it running without any noises.