Oval 7 Chakra Mirror

Oval 7 Chakra Mirror

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One of a kind crystal mirror (only one available)

These mirrors are such a nice and unique piece for home/office decor. This mirror has been made with 7 different crystals that represent our 7 Chakras! Its energy brings stability, understanding, love, and creativity. This mirror carries Amethyst (as Crown), Lapis Lazuli (as Third Eye), Turquoise (as Throat), Peridot (as Heart), Tiger Eye (as Solar Plexus), Carnelian (as Sacral), and Red Jasper (as Root).

This mirror also has a hanger in the back so you are able to place it on your wall.

Length: 9''

Width: 7.5'' 

Depth: 1''

Material: Wood with natural rustic border

Cleaning: You can use a soft make up brush to clean the dust around the crystals. Do not apply any liquid to the stones, only to the glass.

Care: Place your mirror in a secure area. Try to avoid placing it somewhere that can get direct sunlight. Sometimes if a mirror takes too much direct sunlight, they can get stressed and the crystals can get very hot. It is better to place it in a cool area where the sunlight doesn't hit it that much. 

100% handcrafted