Oval Carnelian & Sunstone Mirror

Oval Carnelian & Sunstone Mirror

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One of a kind crystal mirror (only one available)

These mirrors are such a nice and unique piece for home/office decor. This mirror has been made Carnelian and Sunstone! The energy of this mirror enhances self-confidence and leadership! Good for shy people. Its energy also works with the creative and sexual side. 

This mirror also has a hanger in the back so you are able to place it on your wall.

Length: 10''

Width: 8'' 

Depth: 1''

Material: Wood with natural rustic border

Cleaning: You can use a soft make up brush to clean the dust around the crystals. Do not apply any liquid to the stones, only to the glass.

Care: Place your mirror in a secure area. Try to avoid placing it somewhere that can get direct sunlight. Sometimes if a mirror takes too much direct sunlight, they can get stressed and the crystals can get very hot. It is better to place it in a cool area where the sunlight doesn't hit it that much. 

100% handcrafted