Rose Quartz Sun Catcher - Car Hanger

Rose Quartz Sun Catcher - Car Hanger

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Beautiful sun catcher to place in your car or anywhere where the sun hits! Sun catchers absorb solar energy and they are good tools to promote cleansing and positive energy. The colors that it sparkles is caused by the small Feng Shui ball on the bottom! 

This sun catcher carries Rose Quartz which is the main crystal for love! Rose Quartz is a crystal that connects with our feminine side by bringing harmony, self-love, acceptance, forgiveness, gentleness, and much more. It is also a really good crystal to have to release stress and anger. 

Each sun catcher will come with a small handmade braided cord to hang it on the car.

Size: from 6'' to 7'' 

Cord color: Brown

Feng Shui Ball material: Glass 

*Please note that when you place your order, I will make new sun catcher for you just like this one! The images are an example of how they look*