Scorpio Bracelet
Scorpio Bracelet
Scorpio Bracelet

Scorpio Bracelet

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Gemstone : Aquamarine

Scorpio season is between October 23rd until November 21st

Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and is the gist of independence and control. You are happy to be on your own and do not follow others. You are determinate and motivated. You always accomplish anything you put your mind to 

Every Zodiac bracelet will come with a kraft paper with the name and description of the zodiac!

Size: This bracelet can be 6.5'' round or 7.5'' round. You can find the right size by measuring your wrist

Zodiac charm material: Alloy

Please note that the products on the pictures are only an example of how they look. When you place your order, I will make a new bracelet for you according to the size that you have selected ♥