The Power of Minerals by Gia - Sunday (TBA)
The Power of Minerals by Gia - Sunday (TBA)

The Power of Minerals by Gia - Sunday (TBA)

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This class will be guided by myself, Gia, owner of Earthy Earth. After working with minerals for a while, I have developed my own ability which is connecting with them. I understand them and that gives me the capacity to teach the basics of this huge world for those who would like to know more about what we call ''crystals''.  Note that I am a person who will teach by knowledge and experience. I am not certified as geologist or mineralogist. I will teach you what I know and feel! 

This class has been designed with the purpose to have a basic and general knowledge about the mineral world in both sides, spiritual and scientific. We will be learning how to use minerals for manifesting your intentions and how they serve a big purpose in the spiritual world. 

If you have some stones at home that you are not sure what they are or you want to make sure if they are authentic, feel free to bring them! 

This is a chill class! We will be making a circle with the purpose to open a spiritual base and connection. Bring your pillow or something comfy you can use to sit on the floor. We will be talking and learning from 1 hour to 1h and 30m. 

What are you going to learn?

  • How to identify real vs fake minerals
  • How to test minerals
  • Types of formations and meanings
  • How minerals connect with the Chakras
  • Mineral energy and gender
  • How minerals can transmit to us their power

Things you should bring: 

  • Regular gloves (for safety if touching toxic minerals) 
  • Some stones you might have that you would like to know more about
  • A small pillow or a blanket to make you feel comfortable to sit on the floor.
  • A notebook to take notes if you would like to
  • A positive energy! 


Class will be in person at Earthy Earth 
Time: 6.30pm 
6809 Main St, Miami Lakes, 33014
*No refunds*